Application “How to”

Eléggé keményen beindult a szervezés az EU start közeledtével. Akik szeretnének a növekvő (50++) internacionális Paradigma légióhoz csatlakozni, azok most kapják magukat és írjanak gyorsan egy appot. A “how to” a tovább gomb után.  A légió leírása, pontosabb célkitűzései hamarosan elérhetővé válnak mindenki számára.

I want to give those people who will apply to Paradigma in the future some basic pointers what is required of them when they write an application.

1) Proper english sentences. That doesnt mean it has to be without spelling mistakes but I need to understand what is said. If I dont understand the meaning of a sentence then I can savely assume I will encounter the same problem in game again which is not acceptable.

2) Your Name iRL , Age , where you are from, charater name , class , level.

3) Online gaming history. Try to focus on what YOU have been doing not what you have seen / heard / tagged along with.
For example: I played a healer in PvP games for 3 years. I like the responsibility and challange of keeping everyone alive in a tense situation and I think I developed good speed and coordination in this 3 years.

4) Personal history (optional)

5) Why you want to join Paradigma. What have you heard about us? What do you expect out of Paradigma?

6) What are your personal goals in AION. (optional)

What will happen AFTER you have written your application:

The recruitment officer will read your application and reply to you and update your posting with the status of your application.
(Approved as Member)
(Approved as Initate)
(More information)
(Rewrite application)

You need to respond to the recruitment officers posting even if you are approved (a simple thanks is enough then)

If you are approved as initate you will be invited into the guild and after 2 to 6 weeks, depending on how active you are, you get either promoted to member or you will be asked to leave the guild.

If you have any questions its a good idea to PM me and ask me before you posting something which is not smart :)

— Silvera —


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